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The right contact lens solution for your hard contact lenses can be found at Kontaktlinsen24.
Regular care is especially important to ensure a comfortable fit, even after long periods of time. 


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Care products for hard contact lenses

In order to always have a perfect vista and hygienically place the small visual aids into your eye at any time, the comprehensive care of contact lenses is particularly important. Our range has a large selection of different care products for hard contact lenses. We are happy to provide full information about all ingredients of the products and solutions on offer. Individual components can in some circumstances lead to discomfort. For particularly sensitive eyes we therefore recommend our biological hard contact lens care products. With these solutions you can clean and care for your lenses especially gently and sustainably. Discover the practical blink’n’clean drops for quick cleaning in the meantime. Simply drop the eyedrops onto the contact lenses in your eyes, blink and wipe away the tears with a tissue – and your lenses are already clean again!

Designed for allergy sufferers – care products for solid lenses without preservatives

Individual components of cleaning products can elicit allergic reactions in the eyes. This is particularly often the case with preservatives in the solutions. That’s why we stock a large selection of gentle cleaning products for hard contact lenses in our online shop which don’t contain these allergens. Contact lenses very often irritate the eyes of wearers in the beginning, especially through their solid composition. Gentle care products for hard contact lenses are therefore particularly beneficial for strained eyes. At the same time, we have a large selection of products which don’t contain peroxide solutions. Should products with these ingredients be used however, it is important to always clean the contact lenses well after handling peroxide, as this substance can cause irritation.

Proper care of hard contact lenses

In order to ensure best possible vision with rigid contact lenses, daily care is essential. Initially, impurities are to be washed out. Amino acidic lipids often accumulate and are deposited on the lens. These impurities are simple to remove. Then the lens must be well rinsed. Under no circumstances should ordinary tap water be used for this purpose. The water from the tap can contain micro-particles and impurities which set on hard contact lenses. After rinsing the contact lens is disinfected. An extensive offer of suitable care products, cleaning solutions and disinfectants can be found at We offer you outstanding lens solutions which promise you exactly the gentle care and hygienic cleanliness you want. Put your trust in lens solutions from specialist retailers for contact lens accessories.