Lens Accessories

Contact lens accessories for optimal handling

The putting in and removal of contact lenses can be a challenge for inexperienced wearers. Not everyone can easily touch their eye directly to take out contact lenses. Our comprehensive range of contact lens accessories offers exactly the right solution for this. Besides lens retailer products in various shapes and sizes we also offer clever solutions to make the use of these practical visual aids easier and more comfortable. Discover our wide range of accessories for contact lenses and find everything you need for wearing and caring for your lenses. We’re happy to support you in selecting from our online shop.

Clever solutions in our contact lens accessories

In just a small clumsy moment, expensive yearly lenses can go down the drain during removal. Newcomers to contact lenses in particular can often experience such a mishap. With the lens catcher from our online shop you can effectively avoid this moment. The small sieve is simply placed in the sink and prevents the lenses from falling down the drain. Should you then lose the contact lens from your fingertip, it stays safe and undamaged. Our lens cases with reminders are just as practical and useful. The lens alert tells you exactly when you want to remember to change your contact lenses. Never again forget the necessary daily cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to our large selection of care products you can complete your contact lens accessories and ensure hygienic cleanliness and high comfort of wear.

Make your lenses last longer with these contact lens accessories

Only the right care and storage can ensure that your contact lenses last as long as promised by the manufacturer. Our contact lens accessories can help you with this. Carefully and gently maintain your lenses. Storage cases and lens solutions can be found at kontaktlinsen24.ch as well as a large selection of practical accessory items for contact lenses. At the same time, our practical lens handler offers you the possibility to make caring for your lenses even easier. After removal the lens is simply placed on top of the holder and can be easily cleaned. Let yourself be convinced by our huge range of contact lens products and look forward to quick and secure delivery of your practical, discrete visual aids as well as the necessary contact lens accessories when ordering with us.