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Want to change your eye color? No problem with colored contact lenses from Kontaktlinsen24.

Colored contacts come in a wide range of colors and in prescription and non-prescription varieties. Like conventional contacts, thorough care is required to make sure your colored contacts last as long as possible. 


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Make your eyes stand out with coloured contact lenses

As the saying goes: ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’. With them we convey our feelings to the outside world and communicate. They give away more about our personality than we think. Dark eyed people are often seen as amicable and friendly, while blue-eyed people are taken as sexy, polite and shy. Green eyes however leave an attractive and mysterious impression. Would you like to slip into another role for an extended time and change your impression on your surroundings? That’s not a problem with our coloured contact lenses. Fulfil a long harboured dream and magic yourself, say, big, green, wide and radiant eyes in just a few seconds. With our quality coloured lenses, you have the unique opportunity to skilfully emphasise your personality and present another side to yourself.

Coloured contact lenses with different strengths and modern materials

You don’t need to go without comfort and correction for a visual impairment to wear coloured contact lenses. There are coloured lenses of differing strengths in our online shop, so even people with a visual impairment don’t have miss out on the luxury of having different coloured eyes. Moreover, we provide numerous coloured lens models with first-class materials like silicon-hydrogel, which is responsible for optimal moisture and oxygen supply. For particularly glamorous and extraordinary effects look at our fun lenses too! These instantly lend your eyes an unusual look and let you appear as The Hulk, the devila vampire or a dragon at will – for an extravagant and striking appearance for particular occasions like the annual Halloween party or costume parties.

Order coloured contact lenses at and save!

We at provide for stunning vision with the high quality contact lenses and glasses in our online shop. Besides yearlymonthly and daily contacts, we stock unique coloured lenses and have the perfect colour ready for every personality and every occasion. With our additional care products, you can also enjoy them for as long as possible and in great condition. Order your clever eye refreshers now using our practical shopping system and enjoy lots of advantages including:

  • Fast delivery times
  • Good value pricing
  • Secure and flexible payment options, as well as
  • Expert and reliable advice

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